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“Adult Product” provides its customers with excellent range of sex toys that are hygienic and easy to use. You can order it online in a single click only. Adult Product is one of the best adult products suppliers in India that sells sex toys for men, sex toys for women, dildos, vibrators, masturbation toys, couples toys, lesbian sex  toys at very low price. If you are looking for sextoys that can provide you sexual pleasure and satisfaction, order online from our website. We follow discrete product delivery for our customers. 

 We offer these products to our customers –

• Sex Doll
• Anal Dildo
• Dildo Vibrating
• Nipple Vibrator
• Sex Kit
• Dildo Non vibrating
• Fleshlight Masturbator
• Sex Fucking Machine
• flash light Vibrator
• Pussy Pump
• Vibrating Panty
• Vibrating Massager
• Breast Enlargement Machine
• Personal Lubricant & Arousal Gel
• Penis Enlargement cream
• Breast Enlargement cream
• Breast Silicone Bra & Pad
• Silicone Breast Prosthesis
• Penis Enlarger Device
• Male Masturbation Toys
• Big Artificial Vagina
• Cock Ring
• Realistic Pussy
• Penis Extender Sleeve
• Inflatable Love Doll
• Silicone Love Doll
• Bondage Sex

Who are We? Adult Product (www.adultproduct.in) is a brand owned by Pleasures India.

adult products india is exactly that. A unique site to purchase sex toys for your sexual pleasures.Have you always wanted to walk into a sex shop and purchase a vibrator or an adult movie but was always too embarrassed to walk into one? Well, then Indian Shopping is where you want to be.

Indian Shop Category

Male Masturbators

It is very easy to see why a lot of men opt into using masturbating strokers as opposed to just using their hands as a means to masturbation. Not only do sex toys for men such as masturbators strokers assist with eliminating sexual frustrations but they are really fun, easy to use and are very easy to clean with soap and water or sex toy cleaners solutions after they are used.


For those of you who do not know what masturbators strokers are, they are sex toys for men which are designed to provide the same sense of realistic friction that a man would receive if he were having sexual intercourse with his lover. Strokers nicely fit around the penis comfortably tight and depending on which type of stroker you buy to satisfy your sexual cravings you will find that some of the masturbators and stokers may have a number of different functions.


For example, if you buy a realistic anal stroker this particular item may be designed only to manic the feeling of the anus with amazing vacuum suction. However, there is also a huge selection of anal masturbators such as the Junk In Tha Trunk Booty Masturbator Brown which offers both the anus and the vaginal hole which can be used to take care of all your sexual fantasy easy and without question.


Sex Toys for a man such as masturbators were created to take care of the sexual needs of a man so with this in mind there are many different kinds of masturbators and stokers available for men here at Indian Shop. Some of the strokers vibrate and pulsate to maximize your orgasmic delight but of course, others may have to be worked manually by inserting your penis in and moving in and out of the sex toy as you would do if you were having sex with your lover.


When strokers are used properly with lubricants they result in a wonderful orgasmic experience. All sex toys for men can be used by a straight man and a gay man as well. At Indian Shop we offer you a very large variety of masturbators and strokers to choose from. We carry many anal masturbators, blow job masturbators, breasts and feet masturbators, masturbators sleeves, pocket pussies, porn star masturbators and of course realistic masturbators for your sexual enjoyment. When you are done using your products make sure you follow all the instruction for proper cleanup. The instruction will be included inside your package.


At Indian Shop we offer you a very large variety of masturbators and strokers to choose from. We carry many anal masturbators, blow job masturbators, breasts and feet masturbators, masturbators sleeves, pocket pussies, porn star masturbators and of course realistic masturbators for your sexual enjoyment. When you are done using your products make sure you follow all the instruction for proper cleanup. The instruction will be included inside your package.


Ben Wa Ball

If I try ben wa balls again, I would want something like this or something squishy and smooth like the lover’s pleasure balls.


I originally chose these balls because they have cute little jelly nodules and I thought that they would feel really cute when I used them. the balls are weighted so that I could experiment with the rolling of the weights, which is supposed to be the main attraction of ben wa balls. they also are attached together with a string (so I couldn’t lose several inside me with phiew).


What Princess Sex Toy liked: I did like how the nodules felt on the outside of my vulva, they were pleasantly stimulating, on the outside. I also was very glad that the balls had not only a string attaching a couple together but also a loop at several ends so that I could get them back out!.


This jigger would be great for: well, I don’t really feel like I can recommend this particular pleasure ball set to others, because I found the nodules unpleasant during insertion and removal (though they felt pretty good externally). but a chick who is less sensitive than I might still enjoy these pink pleasure balls.


Once I had the balls fully inserted, I tried walking and moving around to experiment with the weights. unfortunately, I couldn’t really feel the weights, so that was another disappointment.


What Princess Sex Toy didn’t like: I did not like how the nodules felt when it came time to slide the balls in and out. it found it bordering on painful but stuck it out so that I could properly test the jigger (you see what I do for you?!). once I had pushed the balls past my tighter opening, I didn’t feel the nodules anymore which was both a relief and a bit of a disappointment because they didn’t really do anything on the inside.


After writing this (fantastic) guide to ben wa balls, I decided that I had to try them out for myself, so I ordered a set of the pink pleasure balls from love dreamers.


The dildos have been in society for quite some time now. There are dildos in the shape of wolf penis, in the shape of horse’s penis etc. Different type of fantasies is kept in mind while designing the dildos. There is a demand for dildos in the shape of the animal’s penis. Many cartoon characters are used in the designs of the dildos. Different women have a different type of longings and feelings for some characters which they want to have as their own dildo. How the dildo is to be used is been decided by the women only.


The dildos are made of rubber, some are made up of wood, and some are elastic in nature. The shape of any dildo matters a lot when it comes to self-pleasure. Women are very particular about the shape and the size of the object. The shape may be of anything, but it has to be in such a way that it gives satisfaction to the user. The hardness of the dildo is also another concern. Some women like it hard while some like it to be soft and flexible. Each and every person has their choice when it comes to self satisfaction.


The shape and size should be designed in such a way that the users may not have any problems in using them. The quality of the product also differs from company to company. In the same way, the prices also vary from company to company. There are many leading companies producing these products. Which provide a large number of varieties in these products. The costing of the products is according to the size and the material used in one particular dildo.

Butt Plugs

Relax And Stretch Your Anus Muscles With Huge Butt Plugs!

Huge butt plugs are just like the regular butt plugs however they are bigger in the size and are used by people who are more experienced with using anal sex toys. If you are not experienced it may be best you start off with the smaller pugs before using a huge butt plug to avoid pain and injury. It is also recommended that you use an anal enema before using any kind of anal sex toys including a huge butt plug to eliminate the feeling of maybe having to go to the bathroom. Also, eliminate any embarrassing moments when removing your huge butt plug.


All adults whether you are straight or gay can enjoy the pleasure of using anal sex toys such as huge butt plugs. Plugs are used for anal masturbation in addition a lot of men and women insert huge butt plugs into their anus to relax and stretch the anus muscles before having anal intercourse with their lover. When used correctly huge butt putts cause the anus to gradually stretches which result in a very pleasurable orgasmic anal play even though they are very much shorter than anal dildos in size. For your personal safety, all butt plugs are designed with a wild base on the end to prevent the plug from getting lost into your body.


How are they used? Well, it is very quiet simple just apply anal lube, insert the plug into your anus and hold it in place. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that some huge butt plugs should not be held in your anus for more than 45 minutes. On the other hand, there are some butt plugs which can be held in place for up to 24 hours. Also, huge butt plugs are not to be used like anal dildos because they are not to be placed in and out of the anus like anal dildos they are only meant to be held in place and then removed for the ultimate anal play.


You can, however, keep your huge butt plug in place during masturbation and foreplay such as oral sex to enhance your sexual experience. There are also a large number of women and men who enjoy leaving their huge butt plugs in place while having intercourse since it literally intensifies their orgasmic experience altogether. What size plug you use is indeed a matter of personal preference, the form and style which you select pick out and buy at Indian shop is also conjointly all a matter of private preference. At Indian Shop you have many options because we carry a huge selection of butt plugs with many different functions. Here you will also find huge butt plugs in delightfully bright and dark colours and all are made with body safe materials.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads Are Used By Women And Men As Well!

There are so many men and women who take deep pleasure in the usage of anal beads, In fact, most people who use anal beads consider these type of sex toys to be the perfect anal product. While easy to use for beginners and for the more experienced anal player, anal beads can truly be the anus best friend. As you can see here on this page at sex toy sales anal beads соmе іn a variety of different ѕіzеѕ, colours and many delightful designs. Unlike many other different kinds of аnаl sex toys, all аnаl beads ѕtаrt off extremely small allowing you to be really relaxed and comfortable before adding additional pleasure to your backdoor activities. The deeper you insert your anal beads the more pleasure you will experience as the larger beads enter offering additional levels of erotic anal pleasure


You can have fun with your beads alone because they are really great for solo play. Or you can allow your partner to insert your anal beads into you. Using your anal beads with your partner would be really satisfying because it would heighten your backdoor sexual enjoyment.


At the indian shop, we have a full selection of аnаl bеаdѕ that will help you boost your anal experience. As you can see our anal bead feature a retrieval cord оr in some cases a pull ring for safety. For аn wonderful orgasm boost trу removing your аnаl bеаdѕ mid-climax. Don’t forget tо use anal lubricant for mаxіmum enjoyment while using your anal toys.


Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes; including many speciality models: rabbit vibrators, clit vibrators, mini vibrators, remote control vibrators and more!


Gyrating fun awaits you. Hurry up and select a vibrator right now and stop missing out on the orgasmic fun. You’ve heard of The Bunny Pearl, right? Now go experience it. Experience our other exciting vibrators, too. With these enticing sex toys in hand (and in other places), slip under the covers tonight and feel the warm, wet feeling of a firm, strong, comfortable vibrator doing what it does so, so well. Just a pair of batteries and an open mind is all you need to take your body and mind to places that you have only fantasized about.


Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are designed with comfort and safety in mind. Anal vibrators’ slim shafts make penetration easier, while the vibrators’ flared bases prevent accidents.

G Spot Vibrators

With a specially curved tip, G Spot vibrators can deliver stimulating vibrations directly to your G Spot.

Rabbit Vibrators

Offering dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation, rabbit vibrators are the best option for reaching orgasm – and the most popular vibrators on the market.

Clit Vibrators

Clit vibrators feature special stimulators to tease and tickle the clitoris and include a wide range of vibrators.

Jelly Vibrators

Vibrators made from jelly are soft and flexible – making them some of the most comfortable vibrators.

Waterproof Vibrators

Fun in the shower or the tub, waterproof vibrators let you take your vibrator play to completely new places!

Taking Care of your Vibrator

With just a little bit of Cleaning, Maintenance, and Proper Care, your favourite vibrators will be around for years to come.

Cleaning and Maintaining your Vibrator

Most vibrators are incredibly easy to clean. Just wet a clean towel in warm soapy water and thoroughly wipe the vibrator off – taking care not to get the control area or battery compartment wet. If you use your vibrator anally, you must clean it very thoroughly using antibacterial soap or rubbing alcohol if possible as soon as possible after each use. There are also special cleaners formulated to safely work with adult toys that you can use. Be sure to clean your vibrator soon after using it. Never put off cleaning your vibrator until the next day.


After cleaning, dry the vibrator with a soft, clean cloth. If your vibrator is made from Cyberskin, you should apply the special Cyberskin powder to maintain the vibrator’s unique feeling. After thoroughly drying your vibrator, you should wrap it in a dry cloth and store your vibrator in a cool, dry place.

These are the recommended cleaning methods for the most popular vibrator materials:


  • Plastic – soap and liquid, cleaning alcohol, sex toy cleaner
  • Latex – delicate soap and water, sex toy cleaner
  • Jelly – delicate soap and water, sex toy cleaner
  • Cyberskin – delicate soap and water, Cyberskin cleaner, sex toy cleaner, bath powder
  • Silicon – soap and water, sex toy cleaner

Replacing Batterie

When you wear out your batteries, replacing them is as simple as a trip to your nearest drug store. Most vibrators take AA or AAA batteries, but some models take common watch batteries. Be sure to take note of what battery you need when you remove them from the vibrator. The batteries on most models can be removed by unscrewing the base of the vibrator or removing the panel on the remote control.

Long-term Vibrator Storage

Batteries contain highly corrosive chemicals, and it’s not recommended that you leave them inside your vibrator for extended periods of time. If you don’t plan to use your vibrator for longer than a week, you should remove the batteries, wrap your vibrator in a dry towel and store it in a cool, dry place.

Anal sex toys

Common Misconceptions Of Anal Sex Toys

The use of anal sex toys when employed properly results in a safe satisfying sexual experience for both males and females. One of the most common and frequently heard misconceptions about anal toys is that they cause pain and physical problems when used. Yes, there are some people who have caused themselves pain or physical problems from using anal sex toys, but this is due to improper use of the adult product. When anal toys are used correctly they are safe to use and very pleasurable. Nonetheless, as with any adult toy product, instructions must be followed properly. If you are not going to follow the instruction for proper use then it is okay to say that you should not use anal toys. Anal toys only cause pain and physical problems when they are not used correctly. The main way to avoid pain when it comes to anal sex toys is to just listen to your body. Make sure enough lube is being used while using anal toys. Relax and take it slow. Always keep in mind that anal toys are not for everyone. If it hurts just don’t do it! If it hurts then these adult products may not be for you. Once again listen to your body. There are many misconceptions such as anal penetration with anal toys is only for women and homosexual men. This is not true there is nothing in using anal toys which defines someone’s gender or sexual preference. In fact, there are indeed countless straight men who enjoy anal toys. Anal sex toys are for men and women, therefore, a misconception is only a misconception.

There Are Many Different Kinds Of Anal Sex Toys

There are a few main kinds of anal sex toys here at Indian Shop. First, there are anal beads. Anal beads offer a nice gradual experience. The anal beads start off small and gradually increase in size. The “beads” are smooth sphere-shaped balls are held together by a thinner piece of rubber or string in some cases running the length of the beads. Anal beads can offer a truly satisfying element to bedroom fun for both men and women and should be used with anal lube for a more pleasurable orgasmic experience.


Next, there are butt plugs which are also sold here at Indian Shop. Anal butt plugs start out small and gradually increase in size with a wide base for your personal protection. They are excellent at stimulating the sensitive nerve endings in and around the anus through the gentle stretching they cause. Anal butt plugs can be inserted for several hours, though it is recommended they be removed every 45 minutes to 1 hour so the lube can be reapplied. As with many other sex toys, butt plugs comes in many sizes. Here at Indian Shop, we carry the small, medium, large and even huge butt plugs. However, the huge butt plugs should only be used by people who are more experience with back door activities. If you are a beginner it is best that you try using a small to the medium butt plug and slowly work your way up to a larger one.


The final kind of common sex toy is the anal vibrator. These are ideal for those looking to take their anal stimulation to the next level. Anal vibrators differ from other vibrators in that they are specifically designed for anal penetration. Normal vibrators can cause pain or discomfort when used for this purpose whereas anal vibrators are designed for maximum safety with a tapered head and wider base. They also will often feature a beaded or textured surface providing awe-inspiring sensations. There are also different kinds of anal vibrators. At Indian Shop we have both main kinds which are the anal probes along with the double penetration dildos and anal vibrator.


It is important to note that anal vibrators also are the best candidate for using prior to anal sex because of the relaxing effect an anal vibrator has on the sphincter muscles. There is indeed anal dildos, the anal dildos are very much like the anal vibrators however they do not offer the vibrating effects. It is also important to remember with all anal sex toys it is essential to lube them up before you they use to avoid injury. Because of this we have include anal lubes in this section. In this section, you will also find anal douches and trainer anal kits that way you will be able to take care of all your anal needs as you please to do so.

Benefits Of Using Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex toy and adult products offer a broad array of benefits. The largest is their ability to add that extra element of fun and pleasure to the bedroom whether alone or with a partner. For men, there has also been some research was done which claims stimulation of the prostate gland through anal penetration can be healthy. To avoid any bad benefits though remember to practice good hygiene and clean all adult toys after use. If you follow these simple guidelines and pick the right anal toy for your purpose a whole new world of pleasure will be open to you!

Anal Probes For Women And Men

While analyzing this page at Indian Shop what you should expect to find is a nice selection of amazing anal probes. Opposed to other anal toys such as a butt plug which may be short and quite wide, anal probes are usually very long and slender. The anal probe unique long and slender design offers incredible stimulation to the nerve ending in the anus but through depth rather than girth. The most common diameter for an anal probe is rather small, though they are known to vary in size depending on the name brand. For example, the Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Thruster Black which is manufactured by Pipe dream offers n depth of 3.5 insertable lengths and a width of 1.75 inches of girth, whereas the Manhandler 14.5 Inches Wand – Black manufactures by Doc Johnson offers a large amount of depth yet a small amount of girth. If you have never tried using an anal probe you should try one now. Using an anal toy such as the anal probe can sexually satisfy beginners as well as the most experienced botty lovers and anal explorers.


What is extraordinary about anal probes is the fact that they are easy to slide in and out of the anus at rapid speeds due to their smaller diameter in girth, unlike the butt plugs which are designed to be held in place for long periods of time. The anal probe is ideal for first timers of both sexes as the smaller diameter allows for easy insertion. Men, in particular, may enjoy an anal probe as the length and small diameter allows for prostate stimulation through massager without stimulating the edges of the anus. The length of the anal probe allows for deep-reaching stimulation though that is thoroughly enjoyed by women and men alike looking to add that extra dimension to their next orgasm. As with all anal sex products, it is important to listen to your body and stop if it hurts. Despite its diameters, it is recommended to use an anal lubricant with anal probes as with all anal sex toys. Anal Lubes and other anal products are also available here at Indian Shop.

Cock Ring

One of the ultimate couples toys, cock rings fit snugly around the cock restricting blood flow and promoting longer-lasting erections. Many cock rings also feature stimulators positioned around the cock ring to stimulate the clitoris. Some cock rings add vibrators for even better stimulation.


Cock rings fit around the penis restricting blood flow promoting longer, harder erections. There are many styles including disposable and vibrating cock rings.


We have one of the World’s Largest Cock Ring and Cock & Ball Toy Selections. We carry a Huge Cock Ring selection in a vast variation of sizes (Little Cock Rings – Small Cock Rings – Medium Cock Rings – Larger Cock Rings & Monster Cock Rings for Huge Cock – Massive Cocks) and colors (Black Cock Rings, Silver Cock Rings, Steel Cock Rings, White Cock Rings, Vibrating Cock Rings with Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators, Gold Cock Rings and more). Whether it’s your first cock ring or you already have a monster cock ring collection yourself; there is something here just for you. To keep make that cock a hard cock that stays harder and longer and a good hard cock is what we all want. We also carry a Massive Cock Toy in our Male Sex Toy’s range: including Male Chastity Devices (Male Chastity Device’s like our Locking Cock Cage’s – Anal Cage Cock Invader and Male Chastity Belt’s). With Ball Stretcher’s (Leather Ball Stretcher’s & Metal Ball Stretchers),Cock Toys for Cock and Ball Torture (Cock & Ball Pain Toys), Cock & Ball Bondage Toys (Cock & Ball Harness/Cock Harness’s/Cock Bondage Toy’s) and Urethral Sound’s (for sound urethral using in Stainless Steel) to complete the range of BDSM CBT Toys.

Many women find rings with vibrator attachments provide clitoral stimulation and some men enjoy using cock rings for masturbation. Wearing of this sex toy provides better erections and delays orgasm, intensifying orgasm.

Sex Dolls

Men Can Enjoy Great Penetration With Sex Dolls!

It is true that sex dolls were created with the main purpose of masturbation however nowadays some men are using dolls for home companionship as well in addition to self – masturbation. Evidence of this can be seen on countless television documentaries and online on many people blog rolls. Nonetheless, the point that is regardless of how you use your doll is all up to your very own personal preference.


Another important fact that I want to point out about the sex dolls that you’ll find here at Indian Shop is while some people may believe that dolls are just for men there are also a large number of women who use doll as well and these women also love all the benefits that come with owning a sex doll.


At Indian Shop you will find that we sell many different kinds of dolls under the sex toys for men categories. There are many blow-up dolls, realistic dolls, full body dolls and half body dolls to select from. Here you will also notice that we have a full line of anime, barnyard animals, celebrity and porn star, female, males and transsexual sex dolls as well. All dolls come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and depending on which one you select to buy you will notice that some of the dolls offer many different features.


Most sex dolls offer three holes for penetration which is the mouth, vagina and anus. However, there are also dolls here at Indian Shop that offer vibrating and none vibrating dildo attachments for both female and male usage. Some couples find the extra attachments to be great because as a couple they can both use the doll as they choose. The sex doll adds excitement to their bedroom play when used as a means of fulfilling a threesome sex fantasy.


Dolls can be used in any sexual position as you please. Just lube yourself up and go for it. When you are done penetrating your sex doll make sure you clean it up properly and let it completely dry off before putting it away. If your doll comes with the additional attachment you will need to pay special attention to them. Your sex doll will come with instruction. It is important that you make sure you read all of the instructions and follow them.

Prostate Massagers

One common sex toy for men is the prostate stimulators. If you are looking to buy a prostate stimulator we have a large selection or you here at the Indian shop. Prostate stimulators are an anal sex toy designed particularly for men to stimulate the prostate. The narrow and often curved design is perfect for reaching the prostate gland which lies directly behind the lower intestinal lining reached only through penetration of the anus. Prostate stimulators can be designed for manual use, or they may be vibrating. The prostate massager is inserted through the anus and slid upwards until it reaches the prostate gland. Once on the prostate gland the prostate stimulator is applied at a comfortable pressure and either manually moved in a circular manner or if it is a vibrating anal toy, it is held in place. This stimulation alone can result in an explosive orgasm. The reason for this is the prostate gland is actually part of the male reproductive system and is responsible for the production of many of the fluids which constitute semen durіng ejaculation. Many men enjoy combining the stimulation of the prostate along with stimulation of the penis during sexual activities. This can provide a unique combination of sensations. Another use for the prostate stimulator is actually medical. Many doctors have recommended prostate stimulation to patients with a swollen prostate. The massaging and stimulation of the prostate allows built-up fluids in the prostate to be released thereby relieving pressure and swelling. Moreover, it is believed the stimulating the prostate can prevent prostate cancer For even healthy males stimulation of the prostate is a nice way to ensure prostate health. For its health benefits and its ability to produce profound orgasms. It is easy to see why many men’s favourite anal sex toy especially the prostate stimulators sold here at Indian Shop.

Ball Gags

Masters And Slave Couples Enjoy Ball Gags Bondage Items And So Can You!

Ball gags are used with the purpose of taking total control of when your lover speaks. Ball gags are great for people who love to be totally submissive to their lovers during bondage play. All ball gags are non-toxic and safe to use. However, when using any kind of bondage adult toy items you should always read the instructions completely especially if you have not experienced using these bondage items products such and Ball Gags. Always keep in mind that all bondage items are not for everyone and since communication is the key to any kind of intimate or sexual relationship the best thing to do is talk with your lover to make sure that you guys are both in agreement before using any kind of bondage adult toy items including balls gags. We know that sexual roleplay can be a very exciting aspect to couples relationship. People who engage in bondage play often use ball gags and other bondage items for their sexual pleasure. Nonetheless, we, of course, suggest that you be safe very playful and enjoy yourself with the ball gags we sell here at Indian Shop.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a popular item these days! Many men and couples are victimisation them and enjoying erectile organ pumps as how to feature another dimension of hardness into their sexual lives. Some folks are using penis pumps to enlarge their erections, and some peoples are simply enjoying masturbation with a penis pump.


There are several distinctive erectile organ pump models on the market these days, and we feature a broad choice with plenty of options to decide on from! Penis pumps are made in many ways including plastic, glass and other materials. Penis pumps today are available for men to fit any budget, you can find pumps for under(Price), and premium penis pump kits that are (Price) and up.

Does Penis size matter?

women say that size doesn’t matter, it’s all about the motion in the ocean or some frilly crap like that. Well, I can tell you that if size did not matter, there would not be a thousand dildo shapes and sizes, there would be just one small, easily hidden 3-inch dildo on the market. But we all know there are tons of vibrators and dildos available today, and most of them are a bit larger than the average 6 inches that many men naturally have to work with. Read more testimonials from women who admit they tell white lies about the size to make smaller men feel better while fantasizing about having a larger penis to satisfy them sexually.

Male enhancement is in style

For years people have been spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, gym memberships, exercise equipment, pharmaceuticals, and other products and services to enhance their looks and sex appeal. People spend tons of time working out, dying hair, time at salons, all to make themselves for sexually attractive. Penis pumps and other male enhancement accessories are a modest way to add more to your size and sexual prowess.

Penis Pumping Accessories

There are many accessories that work is in conjunction with penis pumping to enhance the male erection. When you want a bigger, harder, faster erection, there are many options available to get you there faster. From cock rings to herbal pills, taking a multi-faceted approach to sexual health can give you and your partner more satisfying sexual fulfilment.

Penis pumps are the fastest way to get a harder erection, faster.

Using a penis pump is the fastest way to get a stronger erection. Without drugs, you can get a super hard cock fast with a penis pump, and they work for 99 per cent of people that use them.


What is the best fleshlight?


Although shaped like a can or flashlight, a Fleshlight is a top-notch male sex toy that enhances masturbation and adds a new dimension to foreplay for couples. It can be found in an online sex shop Its external mould is soft and elastic and is made of an extremely realistic material that simulates a vagina and the intense sensations during sex.


If you have never thought about using a male sex toy to masturbate alone, when you try a Fleshlight you will be impressed by the new sensations that you may have.


There are different Fleshlights in the market and each Fleshlight offers something different, although at the same time realistic.


Although without a doubt, the best Fleshlight for beginners is Flight. Its opening has an ergonomic swirling effect with which its entrance absorbs you with total ease.

The standard length of Fleshlight is 25 centimetres, although sometimes it is not possible to enjoy the entire length of the channel. The 16 centimetres is enough to satisfy most men.

Fleshlight textures classes

Fleshlight offers us a good assortment of possibilities for tasting the senses and our sex shop will be no less in offering you this important option. We do not refer to a single simple sample for all kinds of fleshlight vaginas, but to a good number of internal textures that Fleshlight gives us so that we can choose what sensation we want to receive in our penis.


In addition to having the three possibilities to choose between vagina, mouth or anus, we will also choose what kind of texture we want it to contain inside. Naturally, I take it for granted that the use of lubricants for this type of masturbator is essential.


Specifically, we could classify them into seven different classes, let’s see:

Texture 1: Original.

Original is the most sold texture on the market and allows slow and concise masturbation, because it offers a slightly wide smooth channel with what reaching orgasm will be a matter of a little patience, making it last a little longer than in the other textures.


Diameter of the Channel: 2 cm Length: 25,5 cm Diameter: 10 cm to 6 cm

Texture 2: Super Tight

Super Tight is a smooth and narrow channel of 1.5 cm for men who want a more pressed fit on his penis, is completely smooth as the Original but like this, offers less intensity than the rest of textures.


Diameter of the Channel: 2 cm Length: 25,5 cm Diameter: 10 cm to 6 cm

Texture 3: Ultra Tight

If Super Tight is a smooth and narrow channel, to say of the Ultra Tight. Smooth extra-thin texture for those who want added extra pressure on their penis. Do not worry, fleshlight is elastic enough for your penis to fit inside the sleeve.


Diameter of the Channel: 2 cm Length: 25,5 cm Diameter: 10 cm to 6 cm

Texture 4: Wonder Wave.

Experience waves of pleasure with Wonder Wave, a texture designed inside with ripples that will allow the penis to experience new sensations. All a novelty between male masturbators.


Diameter of the Channel: 1,5 cm Length: 25,5 cm Diameter: 10 cm to 6 cm

Texture 5: Super Ribbed

Eye with Super Ribbed is a texture similar to the Wonder Wave but the ripples are more together and small allowing a more intense and faster than a conventional masturbator. This texture is ideal for those who struggle a little more than normal to reach the climax.


Diameter of the Channel: 1,5 cm Length: 25,5 cm Diameter: 10 cm to 6 cm

Texture 6: Speed ​​Bump.

Fleshlight undoubtedly gets more and more interesting with its textures, Speed ​​Bump is perhaps the most bizarre and stimulating (although this is going to taste, naturally). But what makes Speed ​​Bump different are its small internal pearls, totally elastic that surely provides a feeling never experienced and novel among masturbators.


Diameter of the Channel: 1,5 cm Length: 25,5 cm Diameter: 10 cm to 6 cm

Texture 7: Vortex Sleeve

If strange and original was Speed ​​Bump, that is to say of Vortex Sleeve, a texture that draws some lines curved in its entirety from the hole, undulating and strategically designed for tasting the most demanding consumer. If you like to experience something unique and original, Manga Vortex will be the one that best satisfies you …


Diameter of the Channel: 1,5 cm Length: 25,5 cm Diameter: 10 cm to 6 cm

Fleshlight Originals


For the first purchase, I recommend you to buy Original Product. It looks like real parts of a human’s body. It usually in Pink and you can choose a different type of orifice. All original devices have a black case and pink masturbation sleeve with Original inner texture. You just have to pick an orifice form of your future purchase (Pussy, Mouth, Butt, Stealth or Tight mini maid) and make an order. You may find more information and fleshlight demo video of using them below.

Original Lady

The Original Pink Lady is chosen by most of the men in the capacity of their first purchase. And it is logical that they should have done so. It looks like a young woman’s vagina and excites real sensation as if you taste a real woman’s pussy.

Original Mouth

Original Mouth lets you feel incredible sensations like great oral sex with a real woman. With Original Mouth, these feelings become stronger. These lips cover your penis so tightly that the thrill from masturbation is unbelievable.

Original Butt

Original Butt made for your new discovery. Make your dreams come true. If anal sex was a forbidden subject to make it in real life earlier, so now you can do it yourself by the instrumentality of our unique product. Don’t be careful with this asshole. It wouldn’t hurt the next day.

Original Stealth

Turn on your Fleshlight. Original Stealth was produced for agents 007. Nobody knows what does it is. Take it on travel or business trip and don’t care that it will be recognized by other people. The best choice for none private persons.

Super Tight Mini Maid

An advanced version of Original Butt is Mini Maid with Super Tight texture inside. Now you can choose one of these variants or buy both of them. You will be completely amazed at how great it feels to plunge between the soft cheeks of the new Mini Maid orifice.

Fleshlight Girls

Surely you have a favourite adult site. And you have some nude photos with your favourite model from this site. And perhaps one of your favourite models is Puma Swede or Vanilla DeVille or Raven Riley or Lia 19 or Sandee Westgate or Brooke Skye or Kat Young. Today I glad to tell you that dreams come true. And now you can try your favourite hot girls on the taste. Were produced unique masturbation sleeves – exact copies of these girls’ pussies. And now you can taste these pussies yourself by your dick. Unique masturbation sleeves with the model’s signature.

Vanilla DeVille

The latest sleeve added to our Girls Line devices – Miss Nude Internet – Vanilla DeVille! Each masturbation sleeve is in the form of Vanilla’s actual vagina and has the Wonder Wave texture. Each purchase also includes a unique Pearlescent Case, exclusively offered with each Fleshlight Girls product. Also, you’ll get Vanilla DeVille’s autographed postcard. puma swede fleshlight

Puma Swede

Puma Swede is Sweden’s pornstar. Each sleeve is in the form of the most famous pornstar on the internet. Each purchase also includes a unique Case, exclusively offered with each FL Girls product. And also it includes an autographed postcard featuring Puma Swede. raven riley fleshlight

Raven Riley

Raven Riley is the hottest adult internet pornstar. Each masturbation sleeve is moulded from Raven’s vagina and features our customers’ favourite texture – the Wonder Wave. Each purchase also includes a unique Case and an autographed postcard featuring Raven Riley. lia19 fleshlight


Lia19 Fleshlight, moulded from Lia’s actual vagina and made from customers’ favourite the Wonder Wave texture. Each purchase also includes a unique Case and autographed postcard featuring Lia19. Sandee Westgate fleshlight

Sandee Westgate

Sandee Westgate is an adult porn film star and magazine centrefold. We glad to present the hottest offer ever released. Each sleeve is moulded from Sandee’s actual vagina and customers’ favourite Wonder Wave texture. Each purchase also includes a unique Case and Sandee Westgate’s autographed postcard. Brooke Skye fleshlight

Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye is 19 y.o. adult starlet! All sleeves are moulded from Brooke’s actual vagina and favourite texture. Each purchase also includes a unique case and autographed postcard featuring Brooke Skye and free 2 oz bottle of personal lubricant. kat young fleshlight

Kat Young

Kat Young is pornstar from Thailand. Each sleeve is moulded from Kat’s actual vagina and favourite “the Wonder Wave” texture. Each purchase also includes a unique pearlescent case, exclusively offered with each product and autographed postcard from Kat Young.



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